5 Steps to Handling Air Travel

Sometimes the demands of work require us to travel out of town or even abroad for business trips. We certainly won’t be able to refuse because it is an order from our superiors, even though we have to be assigned to go abroad with long distances and travel durations or even almost a full day.

Of course, such a situation is very uncomfortable, and if we do not know a good way to deal with the discomfort it will make the condition of the body so unhealthy. The purpose of us traveling long distances by plane should not be disturbed by unfavorable physical conditions resulting from our lack of awareness to make air travel very comfortable.

Long-distance travel with a long duration of travel does not only apply to vehicles or land transportation, but also airplane passengers or air travel. A factor that could make things worse for you is the fact that you’re on a plane for the first time.

Such a situation would require some adjustment for a while. Or you can also overcome it by looking for tips on how to make your air travel more comfortable and not make you miserable during the trip.

5 Tips You Can Do

Here are 5 tips you can do to make your air travel more comfortable and keep you healthy:

  1. Wear Comfortable Clothes

You can use your favorite clothes, or in other words, clothes that are not tight and comfortable for you to wear. You can also prepare warm clothes if the conditions on the plane turn out to be too cold for you, especially, when the plane has reached the maximum altitude.

It is recommended that you don’t worry too much about your outer appearance, whether you will look fashionable or not, the most important thing is that the clothes you wear are comfortable for you and can also maintain your ideal body temperature.

  1. Well Hydrated Body

You have to make sure that your body is well hydrated and has adequate water intake. You are usually allowed to bring water from outside or you can also bring your favorite isotonic drink. It is also recommended to bring your special medicine to prevent an unwanted incident, for example, to bring an inhaler for people with asthma, etc.

Or when the flight attendant brings and offers you a drink you can ask to be given water which will neutralize and meet your natural need for water. No need to worry if you have to go back and forth to the toilet because it’s still better than being dehydrated on the plane.

  1. Make Sure to Eat Enough Food

Furthermore, in addition to drinking enough water, you also have to eat enough. You will be provided with food when you are on a very long-haul flight. Even so, not everyone will fit the food menu provided by the airline.

It is possible that you also feel the same way. If you are in such a condition, then you can handle it by buying food that roughly fits on your tongue and also your stomach, so you don’t feel hungry during the flight. However, eating snacks on the plane in excess will also not be good for you because it can cause nausea.

  1. Adjust Your Sleep Time

Adjusting sleep hours while on an airplane can be important. When you make a long air trip abroad, such a method will help you in overcoming jet lag when you arrive at your destination country. People who are sleep deprived will affect their mood and also their health, so no doubt setting sleeping hours on the plane will help you.

We certainly know that jetlag will greatly interfere with our activities because of unsupportive physical conditions. So, setting a rest pattern and trying to adjust your sleep hours can help reduce the chances of you feeling tortured during long-distance air travel.

  1. Bring Your Comfortable Neck Pillow

Preparing a neck pillow can also be an option to make you comfortable during the flight. In general, the design of the seats on airplanes is made as comfortable as possible so that passengers don’t feel tortured during the trip because they can’t sleep on the plane.

However, there is nothing wrong if you also prepare your favorite neck pillow to add a sense of comfort on air travel. If your neck feels comfortable, then you will not easily feel dizzy or experience air sickness. Maybe you often see artists who will go abroad wearing glamorous clothes at the airport. You don’t have to go into that kind of thing because you won’t necessarily feel comfortable, and you certainly won’t be able to afford such glamorous clothes either, so try to be more realistic.

Those are 5 tips to make you not feel tormented when traveling by air. Make sure that you are concerned with comfort for yourself rather than your appearance at the airport because that will make you uncomfortable on the plane.