Best Featured Car Audio Selection Recommendations

One important component in the car is the audio or sound system that can be used to listen to songs from Mp3juices. There are actually a lot of choices for car audio, and each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. So you may need to make a selection when choosing a sound system for your car or vehicle.

Actually, there are several choices of car audio, you can choose one of them with various considerations. Starting from the quality, price, features, and so on that will definitely affect the use of the sound system itself. In the following, we will provide some car audio options to install in your car.


One of the most popular audio products for cars is the Pioneer, lots of people use it. This Pioneer is famous for its subwoofer which is quite kicking when used for car sound systems, you know. One of the reasons that makes this product quite popular is because the price is arguably very affordable with qualified quality.

Actually, this audio is also widely used at home, but there are also products that can be used in the car. Starting from speakers, devices for music players, and also subwoofers which are indeed the most famous and widely used for car sound systems. The weakness of the Pioneer itself is that when it has been used for a long time, sometimes the sound breaks and is no longer smooth.


The second product which is also popularly used in cars, namely Alpine, whose quality is beyond doubt. This is a product that has been around for a long time in the world of car sound systems, and has many product choices. This product from Japan does have a wide selection of products that can be installed on a car according to their needs.

The features that this audio has are very complete, you know, there’s even a crossover that can help maximize audio settings. With a variety of features and audio quality that is not trivial, Alpine is sold at prices that are still affordable. But the drawback of this product is that the material is quite thin, so it is prone to damage in the event of an impact.

Kicker CVR 12

The next sound that can be used to play music from Mp3juices in the car is the Kicker CVR 12 which is a fairly old brand. There are a lot of products that he himself released, but the best-selling and widely used product is the CVR 12. One of the advantages of this product is that it can produce a very smooth sound in your car and still very comfortable to the ears.

The features of the Kicker sound system are also quite complete, although the price also adjusts to the features available. One of the drawbacks of this sound system can be seen from the outer frame which is quite vulnerable, so if there is a big shock, the speakers will be affected.


A very popular brand in the world of sound systems, especially for cars, namely Bose, the quality is not in doubt. The sound produced from this Bose brand is indeed very powerful and also loud, but smooth and not buzzing. Comfort when listening to songs while driving will definitely be guaranteed if you use this sound system from Bose.

Quality will definitely affect the price too, you could say the price of this Bose sound system is quite expensive. The choice of speakers is also quite complete, so it can be adjusted according to the type of car you have. You won’t regret using this sound system from Bose for your car or vehicle.

Harman Kardon

One of the car audio brands that is very high quality and can definitely produce clear sound, namely Harman Kardon. This is a very big brand and is well known as a producer of sound systems whose quality is indeed very good. Even though the sound produced is clear, it is still powerful and also kicks enough for bass.

Thus the choice of the best car audio to play music from Mp3juices.