Advantages of Owning a Multifunction Printer at Home

Advantages of Owning a Multifunction Printer at Home

Looking for an all-rounder printer for your home office? A multifunction printer will provide all your needs. When you need to choose a good printer, then a multifunction model is recommended. A multifunction printer has it all: compact size, various features, and easiness to use. Using it in your home office will always benefit you. In Epson, you can use Epson Event Manager to manage your devices.

A multifunction printer is a perfect solution if you can’t decide on the devices to add to your home office. Usually, a multifunction printer has some added features, which are photocopying, faxing, scanning, and emailing. It makes the device a perfect device for you.

The Benefits of Using a Multifunction Printer

A multifunction printer has many things to offer. It can be your choice if you’re looking for a good printer. Here are some things you can get when you use a multifunction printer at home.

1.      Space Efficient

Can you imagine having all the devices on your desk? Your home office might not be too large to have all your devices on the desk. So, you can imagine how chaotic it will be. By having a multifunction printer, you can have more space to put things you love; a space for your cup and a corner to put your favorite photo frame.

2.      Energy Saving

You don’t have to worry about power consumption due to its simplicity. You can use less energy and get your work done faster because you only have one device to do all. It makes you feel more comfortable with what you’re doing. Besides, having just one device is also simple to use. You don’t have to juggle from one device to another. All your work is done simply in just a click.

3.      Fewer Repairs

When you have only one device in your home office, you can find many benefits. Fewer devices mean less repair. Of course, you can find many things when you choose a reliable device. Find a good printer brand that will make you feel more comfortable. Epson Event Manager is something you can consider when you use a good device for your home office needs.

4.      Faster Work

A multifunction device is not only simple but also will be versatile. You can use it for anything you want. By using only one device, your work will also be faster. You will not get any difficulty when changing from one device to another.

Those are some of the most beneficial things when you use a multifunction printer in your home office. By choosing the right device from a trusted brand, you can always find it easy to operate and will give the best performance.

Easiness of Using a Multifunction Printer

The device provides many benefits, especially when you choose to have a good device for your need. In case you want to get the best thing, then you can use Epson Event manager to improve your productivity. It helps you with many things, so you can get the best from the right device.

How To Create Promotion Video to Boost Sales

How To Create Promotion Video to Boost Sales

There is no reason to question the fact that one of the factors contributing to the success of your company is the marketing strategies you use. Video is one of several methods, resources, and media that can be used for promotion. No wonder production house in Jakarta is becoming one crucial part to make promotion video to boost sales.

However, there are a few things to bear in mind if you intend to use video material to promote your company. You can’t just make videos by doing what’s popular right now. When creating videos to enhance product marketing, various considerations must be made. Making films won’t be useful if you don’t have a solid plan.

Making Research

Research is highly helpful in predicting which videos will sell well and predicting the types of films that people will enjoy in the future. The purpose of your video is something you need to be aware of, whether you want to impart instruction, marketing, endorsements, or something else entirely. Next, decide what behavior you hope viewers will exhibit after watching your film.

Creating a Storyboard

You should create a visual plan for your video, often known as a storyboard, before you begin filming videos. The storyboard is made up of rough sketches that show the video’s timeline from start to finish. Additionally, you can type any annotations that will be placed to the frame later.

5 Seconds Starting Point

According to literary conventions, the first five seconds are crucial in piquing the reader’s interest. This holds true for video marketing as well. If you want to know if your video material is effective or not, the first five seconds are critical. Spend some time considering what you want to say in the first five seconds. You can discuss this point with production house in Jakarta to make the excellent videos to boost your sales.

Begin The Recording

It’s time to record the necessary footage after the storyboard has been decided upon, the tools and other necessary resources have been put in place. It’s possible that your video concept only needs a collection of different photos rather than actual video. Definitely more time will be saved for shooting.

  • The video’s graphics and text must be very clear.

A film includes images as well as some accompanying words that demonstrate the goods or services you provide to the general audience. Make sure that the writing and photographs are legible but don’t overcrowd the screen, especially the written portion.

  • Images and text, color must be proportionally composed.

Visitors who see it will immediately understand the purpose of the promotion because to its vibrant color composition, which is not piled but yet refers to the things being sold. If the colors used for advertising are excessively vibrant, visitors will focus on and be more interested in viewing the supporting components rather than the main offering. Make the core product more appealing to the audience in order to keep them from being sidetracked by other items.

  • The video’s content must be appropriate for the needs.

The most significant aspect of the video and the thing that draws viewers in is its substance. Avoid creating content that goes in circles and is very lengthy since before the promotional commercial is finished, someone will undoubtedly become weary of it and switch to another video.

Edit Videos with Eye-Catching Visuals

Don’t forget to mix many movies in the editor application after the recording is complete. Depending on your tastes, you can pick from a variety of editor applications that are available. Make sure your videos don’t come out as overwhelming or unpleasant by doing some research on comparable videos.

Upload and Improve your SEO!

Choose the platform on which you will upload the video. You can post it to Facebook, YouTube, or your personal website. So, practice SEO by doing keyword research to make it simpler for people to locate your films so that later the videos you strive to develop will still be watched by many.

Analysis of Results

Now that you have gathered your own data, you may examine the outcomes of your video performance. Learn how long you watch for each time, the viewership, and other parameters you can select for yourself.

These are the procedures for producing efficient video marketing and supporting marketing. Of course, your marketing will discover the ideal formula with planning, creation, deployment, and evaluation. If you do not want to bother planning and thinking about making promotion videos, you can just use production house in Jakarta to create excellent video without hassle!

Why Computers Need Drivers to be Able to Use Hardware

Why Computers Need Drivers to be Able to Use Hardware

A computer is built with different hardware components; like a computer with an operating system, every piece of hardware has its language to communicate. These digital translators help your operating system to communicate with the Drivers hardware, which will sync your hardware and computer to work properly.

For example, when you attach a webcam, a scanner, or a printer, you will need drivers for it. Usually, the hardware comes with a cd containing the drivers for the said hardware.

But nowadays, drivers are available online to be downloaded or already built into the hardware’s memory. Aside from the hardware’s drivers, you can also use an applications manager to manage your hardware, like the Epson event manager. This application is available to help you manage and use the main features of your Epson products.

How Do Drivers Work?

Drivers are the programs that will make sure your hardware (i.e., keyboard, motherboard, mouse, printer, graphic card, scanner, etc.) and operating system have the proper communications.

Picture this, you want to play a video online this means you will need to have a chain of hardware to help you achieve that. First, it’s from your browser which will request a connection to the internet and this will need your network card to send the command to your operating system, and then you will also need your graphic card to be able to buffer your video and display it in perfect sync.

The last chain, without a sound you will not enjoy watching the said video, and your operating system needs to send a command to the sound card. Playing and displaying your video along with the sound in sync, and is one example of how drivers work. Another example is when you want to print out a document after you edit your document in any text editor like MS. Word you use.

After that, you will then need to print the document out to a hard copy with a command from the application to a printer attach it to your computer and print it. That chain with the printer driver being synced with the operating system will allow it to give the message for the printer to print the document.

This explained how drivers work because digital translators make it possible for the operating system to communicate with the hardware to operate it, without it the hardware is just that, a piece of thing that doesn’t do anything. It will need the right drivers to drive the hardware, one of the things why it is called drivers.

Where to Find These Drivers?

Most drivers are already automatically installed on your operating system since windows have an extensive list of drivers in its library for drivers in their system. So when you connect hardware or device to your computer, in this case, Windows.  The operating system will automatically detect and will start to search if the drivers for the device are available on the system’s driver’s library or not.

If the drivers for the device are in fact in the drivers’ library, then the system will automatically install the drivers and all you need to do is wait, and after that usually, the system will ask you to reboot your computer to make sure the drivers are installed and enabled properly.

But sometimes, certain hardware or device will not have drivers listed on the system’s drivers’ library, and if that happened, you will need to check on the official websites of the hardware to look and download it by yourself.

Application Manager, and The Explanations

We broached the subject of Epson event manager, and a brief explanation of what it is, which is an application to provide support for a number of EPSON scanners that has many functions not just to help operate the scanner to scan documents, but also can automatically convert them to PDF, scan to email, and other options.

You can set your own preset based on your regular scanning setting and preference; you can even schedule the tasks. This application runs in the background so it will not bother you much when you are doing your work on your computer.

Epson event manager can also help you scan quicker, and as we said before, check the setting base on what you prefer. File type, photo kind, resolutions, initial size, document format, target folder, and other various actions. It’s easy to use, and available on the Epson website.

Top 10 Songs To Test Headphone Quality

Top 10 Songs To Test Headphone Quality

In the era of digitalization today people often listen to songs, where one of them you can listen to songs in the mp3juices. Advanced technological developments make songs more in demand by all if they are old or young. Of course not only listen to songs, but you also need to know things about a song.

What is a Song?

Songs are tone or sound in a combination of order, and temporal relationships accompanied by certain musical instruments to produce music that has a beautiful unity and sustainability. The following are various genres of a song, namely :

Song Genre

You can also listen to various song genres in

The following are various song genres, namely:

  1. Classical

Maybe you are not familiar with this kind of music genre. Classical music is generally liked by parents. As the name implies, this classical music is released in the 90s, which makes it rarely liked by young people. Classical music itself has a high artistic value. The distinctive feature of this music is the arrangement of beautiful tones and sounds.

  1. Jazz

Jazz music first appeared by combining several musical instruments to produce new sounds. This music is a combination of blues music, ragtime, and Europe. Calm and classy music makes many parents like this music genre, but often some young people like this music.

  1. Rock

Rock music began popular in 1940. Rock music is usually characterized by the sound of an electric guitar as an instrument in this music genre. Not to mention the addition of bass, drums, and other instruments add to the charm of this music.

  1. Pop 

Surely you are no stranger to this type of music. Pop music is very popular among teenagers. The song is simple and the lyrics of the song are easily memorized making many people sing this type of music. The characteristics of their pop music are simple lyrics and tones. Pop music can be accepted by all people who make it universal.

  1. Reggae

Reggae Music is quite popular among teenagers. For those who like the genre of this song is a pleasure of its own when they heard this song. Reggae music is characterized by a backbeat rhythm and simple progressive chords. Usually, this music is accompanied by guitar, bass, and also drums.

  1. K-pop

The genres of this song are songs from South Korea. Where the language is used in Korean. K-pop said also an abbreviation of popular Korean. Popular K-Pop songs around 2020 by a Korean band group, one of which is BTS. The song that was pleasant to hear and also a beautiful band of charming bands made this song genre loved by teenagers to mothers.

Recommended Songs That Are Delicious Heard to Test the Quality of Headphones

The following are some song recommendations that you can listen to in every genre:

  1. Classical

– Johan Pachelbell ( Canon and Gigue in D )

– Pyoter Ilyich Tchaikovsky ( Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy )

– Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ( Rondo Alla Turca )

– Suite Bergama square ( Claire de Lune )

– Frederick Chopin ( Nocturne )

– Johanes Brahms ( Hungarian Dance )

  1. Jazz

– Nurlela ( Bing Slamet )

– Aku Ingin ( Indra Lesmana )

– Januari ( Glenn Fredly )

– I Remember ( Mocca )

– Pulang ( Andien )

– Terlalu Lama Sendiri ( Kunto Aji )

  1. Rock

– Welcome to the Jungle ( Guns N Rosess )

– Highway to Hell ( AC/DC )

– Bohemian Rhapsody ( Queen )

– Satisfaction ( The Rolling Stones )

– Light My Fire ( The Doors )

– Paranoid ( Black Sabbath )

– Another Brick in the Wall ( Pink Floyd )

– Purple Haze ( The Jimi Hendrix Experience )

  1. Pop

– Happier ( Olivia Rodrigo )

– I Miss You, I’m Sorry ( Gracie Abraham )

– Happier Than Ever ( Kelly Clarkson )

– Kisah Sempurna ( Mahalini )

– Tak Ingin Usai ( Kesya Levronka )

– Traitor ( Olivia Rodrigo )

– Therefore I Am ( Billie Ellish )

– Wake Me Up When September End ( Green day)

  1. Reggae

– The Tide is High ( The Paragon’s )

– Bam-Bam ( Sister Nancy )

– Hold Me Tight ( Johny Nash )

– One Love ( Bob Marley and Wailers )

– I Shoot the Sheriff ( Bob Marley )

– Kembali ( Steven & Coconut treezz )

– Putra Nusantara ( Shaggydog feat Iwa K )

  1. K-Pop

– You Never Nnow ( Black Pink )

– Pink Venom ( Black Pink )

– Thunder ( Stray Kids )

– Black swan ( BTS )

– Idol ( BTS )

– Ko Ko Bop ( EXO )

– Monster ( EXO )

– Hard Carry ( GOT7 )

Thus are some of the recommendations of songs that are delicious to hear to test the quality of your headphones. You can also listen to various kinds of songs on Mp3juices.

Benefits of an Air Purifier for Car

Benefits of an Air Purifier for Car

Currently, health issues are a very important concern considering that we have just been forged by a pandemic, which is still not over. So far, we have faced many problems regarding respiratory health, and apart from the pandemic, air pollution is also one of the underlying causes.

Because the air will always be around us, and when you are traveling long distances, you cannot stay safe even if you are traveling in your vehicle. You may be more affected and at risk of contracting respiratory diseases and experiencing respiratory problems when using public transportation.

5 Benefits of Installing an Air Purifier on Your Vehicle

Seeing the reality, the important thing you need to do is install a good air purifier, especially to be installed in your vehicle. We’ll cover the five main benefits of installing an air purifier on your vehicle. Read on to find out more.

  1. Eliminate Allergens

You may have allergy symptoms due to particles, dust mites, and pollen. Likewise, if you are traveling with children or an elderly family member, you may have to face a difficult situation. Therefore, if you install a good quality air purifier, you can feel more relaxed while traveling without putting yourself at risk of allergens.

It is not uncommon for a family trip to turn out to be uncomfortable because of an unpleasant odor. The effect is that it can make people easily feel dizzy and experience motion sickness. Under such conditions, there is a great risk that one or more of the car’s passengers will vomit and make the situation worse.

So, besides passengers are advised to prepare themselves by taking care eating and drinking, and taking anti-sickness medicine on the trip, you also need to install an air purifier in the car to maximize the cleaning of the air in the car.

Especially if it is a journey that is quite far for hours, of course you don’t want to be disturbed for a long time. In addition, if there are passengers who are unwell or have dust allergies and so on, try to stop for a moment and try to return to a better body condition before returning to continue the journey.

  1. Eliminate Bad Odors

In a private vehicle, there is a possibility that organic compounds will easily evaporate from a vehicle component and can increase the level of pollution in the cabin of your car. Similarly, if you or the passengers in the car are heavy smokers, it can also worsen the air quality in your vehicle.

By utilizing an air purifier in your car, you will be able to remove cigarette smoke and all kinds of other pollutants in your vehicle. Therefore, it is very good to install this unit in your car.

This is also very important if you have small children in your car. Minors are very sensitive to unpleasant odors which can make them feel uncomfortable and cry constantly during the trip. You certainly don’t want that to happen because it can interfere with your concentration while driving and is at high risk of having an accident on a busy road.

  1. Remove Pet Hair

If you love pets and have a cat or dog at home, you may need to protect yourself from the sex of the pet. This is important if you travel with your pet regularly. The problem is that pets shed a lot of dead skin, hair, and fur. The contamination may go to the cabin of the car.

By installing a good air purification unit, you can remove all these particles every day. Having a pet is a choice and it will be very risky if the pet is left at home when the owner has to go far and long distances. Who will take care of the animal?

  1. Reducing Carbon Dioxide Levels

There is a process of inhaling and exhaling the carbon dioxide when you are breathing. Therefore, if you travel by your car every day, your cabin will be full of carbon dioxide. You may experience a lot of breathing problems if you don’t breathe fresh air for a few hours.

So, if you install a good air purifier, you can create a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in your vehicle. Not only air circulation or an air conditioner in the car that can balance the air in the car, but the air purifier is also equally important.

  1. Repel Air Pollutants

There are different types of pollutants, and they can come in many forms, such as gas, liquid, and solid. Although many of these particles are man-made, you may know that some of them are also created by nature. So, these pollutants can enter your vehicle if you open the windows or doors.

You will need to install a very good and innovative air purifier as an action to remove many pollutants that appears inside the cabin of the car. Those are the 5 benefits of using an air purifier in your car; You can look for cheap and affordable tools as long as they work well and suit your needs.

You don’t need to buy things that are too expensive, or if you want a high price, make sure that the quality of the goods is very good and also really provides significant benefits to the air quality in your car.

It is very important to make yourself comfortable in the car while you are driving. The presence of an air purifier will help you increase your focus when driving so you can safely and safely reach your destination.

The Twitter Whistleblower on Twitter Acquisition Cancelation

The Twitter Whistleblower on Twitter Acquisition Cancelation

The whole world has recognized Elon Musk as one of the richest people in the world and is considered the most successful person. He is the owner of the Tesla electric car company which is very popular lately. Elon has succeeded in creating electric-powered cars that are environmentally friendly and available with many advanced features, including autopilot which allows the car to drive automatically.

The offer of very sophisticated features has succeeded in attracting many other rich people to buy it. Many people make reviews about how electric machines work and then upload them on social media, which makes Tesla even bigger.

Elon Musk is not only known as a genius but also known as a person who expresses a lot of controversial thoughts. He is a person who is very interested in the Metaverse world and wants to take part in developing artificial intelligence and making robots that are predicted to be of great help to mankind.

Not only that, but Elon is also very diligent in promoting his idea to create a human civilization on the planet Mars. Maybe we’ve also heard a lot about it. He also made technology a big thing.

Elon Musk Interested to Buy Twitter

Seeing some things that happened due to Elon’s very unique mindset, it turns out that he hasn’t stopped shocking the world by suddenly starting to buy the Twitter platform at a very fantastic price, which reaches USD 44 billion. This certainly attracts a massive reaction from the world community.

Twitter is the largest social media platform and can be considered an information hub, where the most up-to-date information almost always comes from Twitter. There has been a lot of trending social media from there. Many threads raise sensitive and hot issues.

Shock the Crypto Currency with His Tweet

Even Elon Musk himself has made a big impact just because of his tweets on Twitter. You may still remember when Elon was able to influence the price of cryptocurrency with just his tweets which resulted in many people losing and making big profits at the same time. Looking at that, then we can see how big the influence of Elon Musk lately.

So, it’s not surprising that now the news about Elon Musk’s decision to cancel buying Twitter has caused a big reaction again. I think that reaction makes sense given the amount of money offered to buy Twitter.

The Reason for Cancelation

Seeing that, Twitter certainly felt aggrieved and cheated so decided to report Elon Musk’s actions. Then after the news got bigger, Elon began to state several reasons that caused him to decide to cancel buying Twitter, including:

It was later discovered that there was a threat to resign because of the assumption from Elon Musk that Twitter did not want to honestly admit the number of fake accounts on Twitter. According to information, Elon requested that the number of fake accounts on Twitter be no more than 5%.

It’s quite interesting to find out why he wants a fake account of at least 5%. Or he realized the dangers of fake accounts in spreading false information. Even the use of fake accounts is also considered a fraudulent way to increase revenue on Twitter because they do not care about the authenticity of the account as long as it can increase traffic on their social media.

For his actions, the chairman of Twitter, Bret Tyler decided to take him to court to sue to stick to the price agreement that had been made. Twitter also believes that they will be able to win a trial in a local court. This can also still be considered reasonable because anyone would not want a very large value of money to just disappear because of a problem that for the injured party is not too influential.

The terms and the agreement made required Elon to pay a termination fee of US $ 1 billion if it did not complete the transaction. Elon threatened to terminate the deal if the company failed to show evidence of the number of spam and bot accounts that accounted for less than 5% of users viewing ads appearing on social media services.

Twitter Issues that Affect His Shares in Tesla

News of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter shares was originally announced on April 14. The Tesla owner said he would pay $54.20 in cash for each Twitter share, a 38 percent premium to the stock’s closing price the previous day.

Following the plan to buy a majority stake in Twitter, Elon Musk has increased his financing commitment to the social media company to US$ 33.5 billion or Rp 489 trillion from US$ 27.25 billion or Rp 398 trillion. This includes funding of US$7.14 billion or Rp 104 trillion which was announced earlier in May.

In addition, he received a margin loan from Morgan Stanley related to a stake in his Tesla company. The value of the shares reached US$ 6.25 billion or Rp 91.2 trillion and has been removed from the financing equation. Elon Musk has secured a commitment from the bank amounting to US$ 13 billion or Rp 189.8 trillion in loans secured by Twitter shares.

Tariff for Tweeting

Before the acquisition was canceled, Elon Musk said it was possible to impose tariffs on some Twitter users. The founder of Tesla and SpaceX revealed that the paid tariffs would be aimed at users for commercial and government purposes. This can be seen as a fairly fair move considering that Twitter does not have any relationship with a state agency, they only act as a social media service provider. So at least they don’t want to be harmed.

Elon Musk submitted the plan to boost the social media platform’s source of income. “Twitter will remain free for regular users. However, there may be a small additional fee for commercial and government accounts,” he tweeted on the official @elonmusk personal account.

As written on Channel News Asia, Musk is reported to have submitted a plan to monetize user tweets to banks. In addition, he plans to review Twitter executives’ salaries to reduce the platform’s cost burden. There are also plans to develop features that will enable business revenue growth, including proposals to generate revenue from tweets containing important or viral information.

The Danger of Online Misinformation

The Danger of Online Misinformation

We have entered the digital era as a result of the rapid development of technology. Nowadays people can easily get access to unlimited information even without any significant disturbance. This is supported by the number of new devices that are increasingly sophisticated and an almost unlimited network.

It used to be very difficult to get into sites that were forbidden to a certain age limit, but now with the existence of a VPN, it’s, even more, expanded the possibility of being able to access sites that are prohibited for those of younger ages.

Not only is internet access too easy for people of any age and at any time to enter, but the risk is even greater with the increasing number of social media platforms that are not only used for virtual socialization or mere entertainment but also as a source of up-to-date information.

People Do Not Need a Face-to-Face Interaction Anymore

The open access to unlimited information makes it easy for many people to get information and knowledge, even now you can say that direct and face-to-face interaction or socialization is increasingly rare. Whereas face-to-face interaction. Being present in a real forum is the best way because we can get energy from a meeting.

But with all forms of convenience where the world seems to be in our hands, then we don’t have to bother going to be able to have face-to-face discussions. Especially during the recent pandemic, all meetings and teaching and learning processes are conducted online.

Of course, real interactions don’t happen at all, relying only on a network and video, where we also find many cases when there are online meetings, people put up an avatar and don’t follow the discussion. So, this is a scam even if it’s just a small one.

The Danger of Unlimited Access

Then we also find many videos about scientific studies uploaded to platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and other social media. It is common knowledge that there is a great risk that the video will be cut in a certain part to support an argument or lead public opinion to follow the propaganda of a group.

There have been many videos containing such propaganda being swallowed by audiences of a certain age, namely adolescence, a period when a person is struggling a lot with the search for identity and is very easily influenced by bad and detrimental things.

Receiving information through platforms or social media will not provide time for discussion forums so a presentation of material in a video will never be able to get a different point of view, while the risk of misinterpretation is certainly very possible.

Social Media Can Mislead Your Behavior

Just imagine when someone catches a message from social media without comparison, and then he will be a stubborn person and feel the most self-righteous. Feeling most correct, there will be a tendency to blame other people’s opinions, so the risk of conflict is very large.

Especially if the topic of information being discussed is a topic about religion or belief as well as culture or race. There will be very many people blaming each other because there is a sense of arrogance and also mentality as agents of social justice, even though their opinions do not represent the thoughts and interests of the wider community and are only concerned with personal ego.

So do not be surprised if, in developing countries, misperception of information obtained from online media can be considered a big threat that can endanger the stability of a country.

Misinformation Causing Unstable Situation in a Country

The country will be easily divided if the people are also attacked with information that is inserted by propaganda and the interests of those who want to be in power. So, what is very important is the willingness to do research as well as a background review and assessment of the context of the information received.

We cannot receive raw information without paying attention to the source of the information and also checking directly to ensure the truth of the information that is spread.

Try to always think before judging, do a review and research on information so that you are not trapped in a division caused by the spread of provocative information spread by irresponsible people to spread threats to developing countries.