Functions of Cromacoin to Increase Business Productivity

Cromacoin is one of the platforms for the future of data-enabled funding for new equity blockchains. While existing solutions offer to solve only one problem, our team is ready to build secure, useful, and easy-to-use products based on private blockchains. This will include the easy integration of cryptocurrency payments and even a digital arbitrage system.

Ultimately, the goal of the creation of this Cromacoin is to integrate all companies, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make the business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

As a substitute for a verification system related to the relevant details of information in the modern world of technology as it is today, Cromacoin comes with a system that may still sound foreign to some ordinary people, the system is known as Blockchain. Blockchain is a system where all transactions are confirmed through all users to know each transaction, so they can avoid theft and spend the same currency within a specified time.

Cromacoin is one of the many outstanding digital currencies that have been upgraded to better suit digital currency exchanges. This process also supports Blockchain as it can be trusted for appropriate content. The Cromacoin ICO token started its sale in 2018 at the end of the week of August and up to 70 days from its arrival, more than 3000 traders joined the exchange.

Where to store your new ICO tokens after acquiring them?

There are various applications that you should use when getting new ICO tokens, in this case, namely Cromacoin. Here are some apps that you can use when you get a new ICO token :

  • Full Client Satisfaction

This is one of the email servers you can find and it does not rely on third-party servers. It can also control your entire transaction from start to finish.

  • Trivial Client

A mandatory essential part of the server depends on customer satisfaction as everyone gets access to the network for top transactions.

  • Web Clients

This is the opposite of a full client. If Full Client does not rely on third parties, it instead fully relies on third-party servers and operates all transactions instantly.

Where can you get Cromacoin from?

To thrive with this cryptocurrency digital exchange, one can first buy Cromacoin through several steps which are described below :

  • Through Cryptocurrency exchange where one can exchange new ICO tokens easily and regularly.
  • People can find the seller or simply by SIGN UP process available for procedural modules.
  • After Registering, you can buy Cromacoin which is very valuable for a better investment plan.
  • Important suggestions for doing the SIGN-UP step to your account with the REGISTER process, are:
  • It is recommended to use a long and strong password using a combination of letters, alphabets, and other special characters
  • One will be able to find information about products in our whitepaper which offers the most reliable information to the extreme quickly
  • Get proper financial reports because ICOs can be started with crowdfunding
  • Companies that use ICOs in the early stages for traditional businesses get whitepapers that are likely to be of concern. Someone can get an explanation about Cromacoin just by checking the whitepaper on the ICO
  • Get ratios for cryptocurrencies along with procedural modules according to digital currency exchange

Where are your tokens? Know more than character data assessed

First and foremost, it is important to bring tokens for your ICO related to your available tokens as per your requirements and requirements. It can be a bit of a project considering the trustworthy projects that can be submitted for analysis by Cromacoin. It is proposed to store your new ICO tokens where your tokens will be completely unlocked and help your new tokens more than once.

  • Prepare coins and participate in ICO to buy tokens.
  • Need a wallet that supports tokens for purchases.
  • Participate in ICO to buy tokens from Cromacoin.
  • Send ETH for token purchases and one will be tied to the wallet’s private key.
  • Get some information to achieve with Cromacoin.
  • Send ETH address for ICO and give token continuously.
  • Do not request a wallet-backed deposit for new tokens or which can access your New ICO tokens on the Blockchain with appropriate security-enabled policies.

How to import ICO tokens into supported wallets?

If one has a contract address for the token, one can import the token into the wallet. Likewise, our wallet can store multiple tokens taking into account all the requirements of accuracy, precision, and efficiency which play an important role to increase the productivity of one’s business. Our wallet comes with a unique wallet address which is sent only with token input.

This is how the Cromacoin function can enhance your business productivity, so if you’re interested in Cromacoin, follow this information.

Benefits of Mobile Car Valet

You may not have much time to queue at a car wash or motorcycle shop. Traffic jams and the need to set aside time are obstacles. Even though your vehicle must be cleaned regularly to ensure the condition of the exterior as well as cleanliness and comfort in the interior.

Accommodating the community’s need for instant and flexible vehicle washing services, currently, many mobile cars wash services are emerging. This mobile vehicle wash is one of the services that are quite popular with urban communities or urban communities.

For some people, visiting a car salon is the best choice for caring for their favorite car. In addition to serving car wash services, car salons also provide detailing services to take care of all parts of the car. However, nowadays many vehicle owners are turning to car wash services at home or also called mobile car valet.

What is Mobile Car Valet?

Mobile valet service is a professional car interior and bodywork cleaning service. In this service, professionals will come to your location and handle your car valet activities. However, this is not like a typical valet service. these services include wheel cleaning, electric rinse, full exterior wash and wax, interior polish, and interior vacuum.

Benefits of mobile car valet

After knowing the definition, the next section will discuss the benefits of mobile car valet. The benefits are:

  1. More efficient

In terms of price, calling a mobile car valet may not be much different from the price offered by the nearest car salon. However, your expenses will be much more efficient if you use a mobile car valet service. When you choose to use a mobile car valet service, you can certainly reduce other non-essential expenses such as car fuel, lunch, and others. You don’t even need to buy a snack or coffee just to get rid of boredom while waiting for your car to be washed, because everything you need is available at home.

  1. More flexible and free from hassle

By using a mobile car valet service, you no longer need to bother going to a car salon or similar place, and no need to be overwhelmed by queuing just to wash your car. With a mobile car valet service, you will also be more flexible in arranging a car wash schedule according to your needs. You can also choose from various other types of services such as detailing or car polishing. All the work is done in your home without even having to visit the nearest car salon.

Mobile car valet service eliminates the need for self-cleaning and self-stocking by providing access to professional services. The professional team on duty will make sure that your car is cleaned properly, and they do it with the utmost care and respect. Professionals will come to your desired location and provide valeting and car valeting services.

  1. Save your time

When you choose the right mobile car valet service, you can save time. This allows you to keep your car clean while saving time, as a professional service provider will visit your location. No need to waste time waiting for the car to be washed. You also don’t have to spend time on the road to go to a car salon maintenance service. You can entrust it to a professional mobile car valet. As long as your car is handled, you can do other more important things.

  1. You can do cleaning for multiple cars

Another advantage provided by mobile car valet services is that you can do more than one car cleaning and maintenance because you don’t have to queue and professionals will come to your location at that time, and you can of course order services to wash more than one car.

Plus, you have even more flexibility if you want to set a washing schedule for multiple cars. For example, if you have more than one car, you can ask the service provider to wash both of your cars on the same day, or you can even arrange a different schedule for your other car according to your wishes.

Those are some of the advantages that you can get when you use the services of a mobile car valet service.

Benefits of Using Window Tint For Your Car

Regular tuning and maintenance are very important for your car engine. However, have you ever paid attention to your windshield? Window film on the car is not only a complement to add an elegant style to the car.

In fact, by tinting the windows on your car, you will get many benefits. Looking at the cars on the street, you might see almost all of them using window tint. Some are even so dark that they are completely invisible from the outside.

Then, why do so many people use window tinting? All that is because window tinting has many benefits that not only serve as car accessories but also have some good benefits for your car.

5 Benefits of Window Tinting For Your Car

As previously mentioned, window tinting is not only to beautify the appearance of your car to be more elegant but also has several benefits. In this discussion, we will discuss the benefits of using window tinting for your car. Here are 5 benefits of using window tinting for your car.

  1. UV protection

The first benefit of window tinting is that it protects against UV rays for car occupants. Sunlight is a type of electromagnetic radiation. Long-term UV exposure can cause sunburn and signs of aging.

At the same time, UV rays can cause various types of skin cancer. Experts say tinting the windows of your car can filter out 99% of the sun’s UV rays. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet light can increase the risk of cancer and skin aging. This sunlight or some kind of electromagnetic radiation.

Applying window tint to your car can help prevent skin damage from UV rays. The good news is that tinted windows can block almost all UV rays. So, you can stay safe in your car even if you drive for hours every day.

  1. Protective coating for windows

In addition to damaging your skin, the sun’s UV rays can have a negative impact on other objects in your car. For example, furniture items tend to fade over time. Therefore, it is a good idea to use window tinting.

This can prevent your car interior from cracking and warping so your car interior will look new for years to come. In addition, this type of treatment can also block glass cracks, so you don’t get tired quickly while driving. If your car has recently been modified, it’s a good idea to have your windows tinted to protect the interior of your new car.

  1. Offers protection against broken glass

No one wants to be in a car accident, but sad things like this happen every day. Broken windows during an accident are one of the most common causes of injury in some car accidents. Untinted car windows tend to break more easily when hit by a hard object.

Therefore, you can see the effect by coloring the car windows. A thin layer of window tint can prevent shattering. So, you can be a little safer in the event of a traffic accident.

You cannot underestimate the safety benefits of window tinting for your car. Especially, tinted windows are not easy to break in the event of an accident. Therefore, you will be protected from the risk of a broken front window when something unexpected happens.

Another is that it will be more difficult for thieves and burglars to break the glass and steal something from your car.

  1. Sun heat protection

The sun produces sunlight. Also, sunlight can generate a lot of heat in your car on a hot summer day. Therefore, you will use the air conditioner more often.

As a result, the performance of the car decreases, and fuel consumption also increases. If you find it difficult to adjust the air conditioner for everyone in your car, you can go to car window tinting to solve this problem.

The nice thing about car window tinting is that it can protect your car from the hot sun. According to some sources, window tinting on your car can easily block between 35% and 65% of heat from the sun. This approach will help protect your car and keep it cool on hot summer days.

So, you don’t need to turn on the air conditioner when you get into the car because your car is protected from the hot sun.

  1. Safer Driving Experience

There are many benefits when it comes to window tinting for your car. Another great benefit is that you don’t have to face annoying glare while driving toward the sun. This way you don’t have to wear glasses every time you sit in the driver’s seat. Glare can have a negative impact on your driving experience and you are more likely to have an accident.

Thus, a discussion of 5 benefits of using window tinting for your car.

Benefits of an Air Purifier for Car

Currently, health issues are a very important concern considering that we have just been forged by a pandemic, which is still not over. So far, we have faced many problems regarding respiratory health, and apart from the pandemic, air pollution is also one of the underlying causes.

Because the air will always be around us, and when you are traveling long distances, you cannot stay safe even if you are traveling in your vehicle. You may be more affected and at risk of contracting respiratory diseases and experiencing respiratory problems when using public transportation.

5 Benefits of Installing an Air Purifier on Your Vehicle

Seeing the reality, the important thing you need to do is install a good air purifier, especially to be installed in your vehicle. We’ll cover the five main benefits of installing an air purifier on your vehicle. Read on to find out more.

  1. Eliminate Allergens

You may have allergy symptoms due to particles, dust mites, and pollen. Likewise, if you are traveling with children or an elderly family member, you may have to face a difficult situation. Therefore, if you install a good quality air purifier, you can feel more relaxed while traveling without putting yourself at risk of allergens.

It is not uncommon for a family trip to turn out to be uncomfortable because of an unpleasant odor. The effect is that it can make people easily feel dizzy and experience motion sickness. Under such conditions, there is a great risk that one or more of the car’s passengers will vomit and make the situation worse.

So, besides passengers are advised to prepare themselves by taking care eating and drinking, and taking anti-sickness medicine on the trip, you also need to install an air purifier in the car to maximize the cleaning of the air in the car.

Especially if it is a journey that is quite far for hours, of course you don’t want to be disturbed for a long time. In addition, if there are passengers who are unwell or have dust allergies and so on, try to stop for a moment and try to return to a better body condition before returning to continue the journey.

  1. Eliminate Bad Odors

In a private vehicle, there is a possibility that organic compounds will easily evaporate from a vehicle component and can increase the level of pollution in the cabin of your car. Similarly, if you or the passengers in the car are heavy smokers, it can also worsen the air quality in your vehicle.

By utilizing an air purifier in your car, you will be able to remove cigarette smoke and all kinds of other pollutants in your vehicle. Therefore, it is very good to install this unit in your car.

This is also very important if you have small children in your car. Minors are very sensitive to unpleasant odors which can make them feel uncomfortable and cry constantly during the trip. You certainly don’t want that to happen because it can interfere with your concentration while driving and is at high risk of having an accident on a busy road.

  1. Remove Pet Hair

If you love pets and have a cat or dog at home, you may need to protect yourself from the sex of the pet. This is important if you travel with your pet regularly. The problem is that pets shed a lot of dead skin, hair, and fur. The contamination may go to the cabin of the car.

By installing a good air purification unit, you can remove all these particles every day. Having a pet is a choice and it will be very risky if the pet is left at home when the owner has to go far and long distances. Who will take care of the animal?

  1. Reducing Carbon Dioxide Levels

There is a process of inhaling and exhaling the carbon dioxide when you are breathing. Therefore, if you travel by your car every day, your cabin will be full of carbon dioxide. You may experience a lot of breathing problems if you don’t breathe fresh air for a few hours.

So, if you install a good air purifier, you can create a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in your vehicle. Not only air circulation or an air conditioner in the car that can balance the air in the car, but the air purifier is also equally important.

  1. Repel Air Pollutants

There are different types of pollutants, and they can come in many forms, such as gas, liquid, and solid. Although many of these particles are man-made, you may know that some of them are also created by nature. So, these pollutants can enter your vehicle if you open the windows or doors.

You will need to install a very good and innovative air purifier as an action to remove many pollutants that appears inside the cabin of the car. Those are the 5 benefits of using an air purifier in your car; You can look for cheap and affordable tools as long as they work well and suit your needs.

You don’t need to buy things that are too expensive, or if you want a high price, make sure that the quality of the goods is very good and also really provides significant benefits to the air quality in your car.

It is very important to make yourself comfortable in the car while you are driving. The presence of an air purifier will help you increase your focus when driving so you can safely and safely reach your destination.

Things to Consider When Fixing the Windshield

Small cracks in the glass can cause big changes to the windshield. Small damage can become big cracks if not checked immediately. This is one of the most important aspects as far as the vehicle is concerned. You may wonder if a small crack can cause changes to a large glass.

If these cracks are left unchecked, they can cause major damage to the glass. If there is damage to the glass, try to keep an eye on it carefully because the latest glass variations are trending. So, a broken windshield can be a source of great risk for the driver and passengers in the vehicle. It is the main source of many accidents these days, and it leads to great risk if it stays out of control.

Rubber Wiper Can Damage the Windshield

The windshield can be damaged by scratching the wiper rubber or even cracking due to flying gravel. When the glass breaks, you will certainly have to buy a new one. Unlike most other car components, even the slightest damage to the glass is still a struggle to repair.

The condition of the wiper tool that is not damaged will not damage the glass. Under certain conditions, damaged wiper rubber and dry glass surfaces can make the wiper move by dragging. Therefore, the wiper rubber moves to erode the existing layer on the glass and cause scratches.

Beware of Gravel or Stones on the Road

Rocks and gravel can be very dangerous. They can be like bullets when stepped on by the car in front of us and hit the glass. Please note, that glass will break more easily if hit by a sharp object. To prevent this does not happen; try to keep your distance from the vehicle that is driving in front when you are passing through a gravel road.

Take Care of the Heat Pressure

Another thing that causes the glass to break is the heating element. The heat causes the glass to expand. Glass can break due to high pressure. Try to slow down the car when passing through bumpy roads that can make the glass suddenly crack.

This is because when passing through a bumpy road, there will be unbalanced pressure on every corner of the body. Well, if the car body deflects too much, then the pressure can hit the glass causing damage. Make sure the temperature is neither too high nor too low as this may cause small cracks to heat up and may not be good for the windshield. You have to manage the temperature in the moderate range.

Identify the Crack on the Windshield

How to identify if a cracked windshield is a risk for your vehicle? Understand if you need to pay attention to cracks in the windshield. You may be asked to observe if it hides the view of the driver and the view of the road. If there is a slight problem seeing the object clearly, replace it immediately.

Check if you need replacement or repair on the windshield. You can understand this by paying attention to the size of the crack. If it looks less than the twelve-inch range, it probably doesn’t require any form of replacement. If you need direction, please visit an expert so you don’t make a mistake.

Removing dirt from the crack remains a major cause of concern because the insertion of dirt into the crack makes repairs much more complicated. The very last thing you can do is to replace. Another layer of protection can be ensured by parking your car inside as heat or rain can exacerbate the situation by severe cracking and causing further problems.

Always Drive Safely

One of the important points to remember is that you should drive the safest way possible to avoid further cracking problems. Driving carefully should ensure that unwanted trouble does not occur through the cracks during driving.

Should you worry about cracks in the vehicle? Over the years, the risk arising from cracks in vehicles has decreased at a constant rate. This is mainly due to the efforts and skills of professionals in car repair and maintenance who have worked as the backbone behind damage handling.

So, this is a major innovative task that has contributed to reducing accidents and injuries from minor cracks in vehicles. So, you don’t have to worry about small cracks appearing on the windshield when you have a good team of technicians who can support the damage.

Recycling Car Parts Is the Future

The car is a vehicle that is increasingly developed all over the world. At the moment of long holidays, we often see long queues of cars that make the streets even more congested. This happens because the number of cars is increasing while the roads are not always easy to widen, and are even very easily damaged due to the very high volume of vehicles on the roads.

The large number of cars that have been produced hundreds of years ago until now, of course, leaves a lot of waste, be it waste in the form of cars as a whole or waste from spare parts.

We often see abroad there is a place that is considered a car graveyard where it has been used as a place to collect used cars that can no longer be used. However, it turns out that not a few people or even companies are trying to use used car parts to be recycled and used for many other things.

Recycled Car Components that Can Be Benefited

Components or supports related to cars that can be recycled are oil. What can be produced from used car oil? It turns out that we can still use used car oil to make rail lubricants or lubricants for door hinges or anything that requires lubricant. So don’t rush to throw away your used car oil and make it more useful.

  • Recycled Tires

Then the car parts or spare parts that can be used are used tires. In Indonesia, used car tires can be used as the basic material for making sandals or footwear that are designed and made to be comfortable to use on very sensitive feet.

Not only footwear, but the inner tube is also commonly used as a buoy for swimming in a natural river in a rural area. This may not apply in all countries and Indonesia is a unique and creative country.

Not only that but rubber tires can also be added to a mixture of asphalt materials for road construction. This method is considered to be able to increase the quality of asphalt so that it is not easily damaged. As long as we avoid burning used tires because it will damage the environment and exacerbate global warming.

  • Recycled Car Battery

Another spare part that can be recycled is a car battery. Not only in developing countries, but even in developed countries, it turns out that battery recycling is also carried out. Even if the car battery runs out, it will be returned to the car dealer again for recycling and possible reuse. This method is very good for reducing the waste of auto parts.

  • Recycled Car Window

Car parts or parts that can be recycled are car windows that are broken or are no longer used because of the replacement of window films that are popular these days. Utilization or recycling is to make it as fiberglass or to decorate ceramics, or it can also be made into glasses for drinking.

The use of glass is very diverse and very easy to be reshaped into other shapes with different functions. So, if you have a used car glass, you better try to sell it so you can make money from there. There are many crafts made with glass materials and share how they are made on social media so you can easily follow the steps and just modify them according to the target market and the glass model you want.

  • Recycling Car Parts with Environmental Sense

Recycling car parts are still quite realistic as long as it is processed in an environmentally friendly way. The purpose and method of recycling are also aimed at reducing the accumulation of excessive waste; it can even be changed to provide different and wider benefits.

The used car body framework that is still in shape can also be restored and modified by putting it together using a more modern engine. This kind of thing is also found on YouTube where people do major restorations of used cars or parts so that they can be used again and are more useful.

We can still welcome the idea of utilizing car waste or recycling the spare parts, in the big hope that we can make things more useful and reduce the useless waste that fills our earth. You can imagine when the earth is already too full of waste that is never recycled or destroyed, then where will we live then? Is the idea of going to Mars or the moon a must?

With such noble intentions, it is very important to create tools to facilitate the recycling process. Then we also started to promote the use of recycled auto parts for a more useful and environmentally friendly in our daily life.

If all things are done with careful preparation and consideration, the use of recycling car spare parts may be a future that is quite realistic and good for the sustainability of our children and grandchildren.

The Twitter Whistleblower on Twitter Acquisition Cancelation

The whole world has recognized Elon Musk as one of the richest people in the world and is considered the most successful person. He is the owner of the Tesla electric car company which is very popular lately. Elon has succeeded in creating electric-powered cars that are environmentally friendly and available with many advanced features, including autopilot which allows the car to drive automatically.

The offer of very sophisticated features has succeeded in attracting many other rich people to buy it. Many people make reviews about how electric machines work and then upload them on social media, which makes Tesla even bigger.

Elon Musk is not only known as a genius but also known as a person who expresses a lot of controversial thoughts. He is a person who is very interested in the Metaverse world and wants to take part in developing artificial intelligence and making robots that are predicted to be of great help to mankind.

Not only that, but Elon is also very diligent in promoting his idea to create a human civilization on the planet Mars. Maybe we’ve also heard a lot about it. He also made technology a big thing.

Elon Musk Interested to Buy Twitter

Seeing some things that happened due to Elon’s very unique mindset, it turns out that he hasn’t stopped shocking the world by suddenly starting to buy the Twitter platform at a very fantastic price, which reaches USD 44 billion. This certainly attracts a massive reaction from the world community.

Twitter is the largest social media platform and can be considered an information hub, where the most up-to-date information almost always comes from Twitter. There has been a lot of trending social media from there. Many threads raise sensitive and hot issues.

Shock the Crypto Currency with His Tweet

Even Elon Musk himself has made a big impact just because of his tweets on Twitter. You may still remember when Elon was able to influence the price of cryptocurrency with just his tweets which resulted in many people losing and making big profits at the same time. Looking at that, then we can see how big the influence of Elon Musk lately.

So, it’s not surprising that now the news about Elon Musk’s decision to cancel buying Twitter has caused a big reaction again. I think that reaction makes sense given the amount of money offered to buy Twitter.

The Reason for Cancelation

Seeing that, Twitter certainly felt aggrieved and cheated so decided to report Elon Musk’s actions. Then after the news got bigger, Elon began to state several reasons that caused him to decide to cancel buying Twitter, including:

It was later discovered that there was a threat to resign because of the assumption from Elon Musk that Twitter did not want to honestly admit the number of fake accounts on Twitter. According to information, Elon requested that the number of fake accounts on Twitter be no more than 5%.

It’s quite interesting to find out why he wants a fake account of at least 5%. Or he realized the dangers of fake accounts in spreading false information. Even the use of fake accounts is also considered a fraudulent way to increase revenue on Twitter because they do not care about the authenticity of the account as long as it can increase traffic on their social media.

For his actions, the chairman of Twitter, Bret Tyler decided to take him to court to sue to stick to the price agreement that had been made. Twitter also believes that they will be able to win a trial in a local court. This can also still be considered reasonable because anyone would not want a very large value of money to just disappear because of a problem that for the injured party is not too influential.

The terms and the agreement made required Elon to pay a termination fee of US $ 1 billion if it did not complete the transaction. Elon threatened to terminate the deal if the company failed to show evidence of the number of spam and bot accounts that accounted for less than 5% of users viewing ads appearing on social media services.

Twitter Issues that Affect His Shares in Tesla

News of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter shares was originally announced on April 14. The Tesla owner said he would pay $54.20 in cash for each Twitter share, a 38 percent premium to the stock’s closing price the previous day.

Following the plan to buy a majority stake in Twitter, Elon Musk has increased his financing commitment to the social media company to US$ 33.5 billion or Rp 489 trillion from US$ 27.25 billion or Rp 398 trillion. This includes funding of US$7.14 billion or Rp 104 trillion which was announced earlier in May.

In addition, he received a margin loan from Morgan Stanley related to a stake in his Tesla company. The value of the shares reached US$ 6.25 billion or Rp 91.2 trillion and has been removed from the financing equation. Elon Musk has secured a commitment from the bank amounting to US$ 13 billion or Rp 189.8 trillion in loans secured by Twitter shares.

Tariff for Tweeting

Before the acquisition was canceled, Elon Musk said it was possible to impose tariffs on some Twitter users. The founder of Tesla and SpaceX revealed that the paid tariffs would be aimed at users for commercial and government purposes. This can be seen as a fairly fair move considering that Twitter does not have any relationship with a state agency, they only act as a social media service provider. So at least they don’t want to be harmed.

Elon Musk submitted the plan to boost the social media platform’s source of income. “Twitter will remain free for regular users. However, there may be a small additional fee for commercial and government accounts,” he tweeted on the official @elonmusk personal account.

As written on Channel News Asia, Musk is reported to have submitted a plan to monetize user tweets to banks. In addition, he plans to review Twitter executives’ salaries to reduce the platform’s cost burden. There are also plans to develop features that will enable business revenue growth, including proposals to generate revenue from tweets containing important or viral information.

5 Steps to Handling Air Travel

Sometimes the demands of work require us to travel out of town or even abroad for business trips. We certainly won’t be able to refuse because it is an order from our superiors, even though we have to be assigned to go abroad with long distances and travel durations or even almost a full day.

Of course, such a situation is very uncomfortable, and if we do not know a good way to deal with the discomfort it will make the condition of the body so unhealthy. The purpose of us traveling long distances by plane should not be disturbed by unfavorable physical conditions resulting from our lack of awareness to make air travel very comfortable.

Long-distance travel with a long duration of travel does not only apply to vehicles or land transportation, but also airplane passengers or air travel. A factor that could make things worse for you is the fact that you’re on a plane for the first time.

Such a situation would require some adjustment for a while. Or you can also overcome it by looking for tips on how to make your air travel more comfortable and not make you miserable during the trip.

5 Tips You Can Do

Here are 5 tips you can do to make your air travel more comfortable and keep you healthy:

  1. Wear Comfortable Clothes

You can use your favorite clothes, or in other words, clothes that are not tight and comfortable for you to wear. You can also prepare warm clothes if the conditions on the plane turn out to be too cold for you, especially, when the plane has reached the maximum altitude.

It is recommended that you don’t worry too much about your outer appearance, whether you will look fashionable or not, the most important thing is that the clothes you wear are comfortable for you and can also maintain your ideal body temperature.

  1. Well Hydrated Body

You have to make sure that your body is well hydrated and has adequate water intake. You are usually allowed to bring water from outside or you can also bring your favorite isotonic drink. It is also recommended to bring your special medicine to prevent an unwanted incident, for example, to bring an inhaler for people with asthma, etc.

Or when the flight attendant brings and offers you a drink you can ask to be given water which will neutralize and meet your natural need for water. No need to worry if you have to go back and forth to the toilet because it’s still better than being dehydrated on the plane.

  1. Make Sure to Eat Enough Food

Furthermore, in addition to drinking enough water, you also have to eat enough. You will be provided with food when you are on a very long-haul flight. Even so, not everyone will fit the food menu provided by the airline.

It is possible that you also feel the same way. If you are in such a condition, then you can handle it by buying food that roughly fits on your tongue and also your stomach, so you don’t feel hungry during the flight. However, eating snacks on the plane in excess will also not be good for you because it can cause nausea.

  1. Adjust Your Sleep Time

Adjusting sleep hours while on an airplane can be important. When you make a long air trip abroad, such a method will help you in overcoming jet lag when you arrive at your destination country. People who are sleep deprived will affect their mood and also their health, so no doubt setting sleeping hours on the plane will help you.

We certainly know that jetlag will greatly interfere with our activities because of unsupportive physical conditions. So, setting a rest pattern and trying to adjust your sleep hours can help reduce the chances of you feeling tortured during long-distance air travel.

  1. Bring Your Comfortable Neck Pillow

Preparing a neck pillow can also be an option to make you comfortable during the flight. In general, the design of the seats on airplanes is made as comfortable as possible so that passengers don’t feel tortured during the trip because they can’t sleep on the plane.

However, there is nothing wrong if you also prepare your favorite neck pillow to add a sense of comfort on air travel. If your neck feels comfortable, then you will not easily feel dizzy or experience air sickness. Maybe you often see artists who will go abroad wearing glamorous clothes at the airport. You don’t have to go into that kind of thing because you won’t necessarily feel comfortable, and you certainly won’t be able to afford such glamorous clothes either, so try to be more realistic.

Those are 5 tips to make you not feel tormented when traveling by air. Make sure that you are concerned with comfort for yourself rather than your appearance at the airport because that will make you uncomfortable on the plane.

The Danger of Online Misinformation

We have entered the digital era as a result of the rapid development of technology. Nowadays people can easily get access to unlimited information even without any significant disturbance. This is supported by the number of new devices that are increasingly sophisticated and an almost unlimited network.

It used to be very difficult to get into sites that were forbidden to a certain age limit, but now with the existence of a VPN, it’s, even more, expanded the possibility of being able to access sites that are prohibited for those of younger ages.

Not only is internet access too easy for people of any age and at any time to enter, but the risk is even greater with the increasing number of social media platforms that are not only used for virtual socialization or mere entertainment but also as a source of up-to-date information.

People Do Not Need a Face-to-Face Interaction Anymore

The open access to unlimited information makes it easy for many people to get information and knowledge, even now you can say that direct and face-to-face interaction or socialization is increasingly rare. Whereas face-to-face interaction. Being present in a real forum is the best way because we can get energy from a meeting.

But with all forms of convenience where the world seems to be in our hands, then we don’t have to bother going to be able to have face-to-face discussions. Especially during the recent pandemic, all meetings and teaching and learning processes are conducted online.

Of course, real interactions don’t happen at all, relying only on a network and video, where we also find many cases when there are online meetings, people put up an avatar and don’t follow the discussion. So, this is a scam even if it’s just a small one.

The Danger of Unlimited Access

Then we also find many videos about scientific studies uploaded to platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and other social media. It is common knowledge that there is a great risk that the video will be cut in a certain part to support an argument or lead public opinion to follow the propaganda of a group.

There have been many videos containing such propaganda being swallowed by audiences of a certain age, namely adolescence, a period when a person is struggling a lot with the search for identity and is very easily influenced by bad and detrimental things.

Receiving information through platforms or social media will not provide time for discussion forums so a presentation of material in a video will never be able to get a different point of view, while the risk of misinterpretation is certainly very possible.

Social Media Can Mislead Your Behavior

Just imagine when someone catches a message from social media without comparison, and then he will be a stubborn person and feel the most self-righteous. Feeling most correct, there will be a tendency to blame other people’s opinions, so the risk of conflict is very large.

Especially if the topic of information being discussed is a topic about religion or belief as well as culture or race. There will be very many people blaming each other because there is a sense of arrogance and also mentality as agents of social justice, even though their opinions do not represent the thoughts and interests of the wider community and are only concerned with personal ego.

So do not be surprised if, in developing countries, misperception of information obtained from online media can be considered a big threat that can endanger the stability of a country.

Misinformation Causing Unstable Situation in a Country

The country will be easily divided if the people are also attacked with information that is inserted by propaganda and the interests of those who want to be in power. So, what is very important is the willingness to do research as well as a background review and assessment of the context of the information received.

We cannot receive raw information without paying attention to the source of the information and also checking directly to ensure the truth of the information that is spread.

Try to always think before judging, do a review and research on information so that you are not trapped in a division caused by the spread of provocative information spread by irresponsible people to spread threats to developing countries.