Recycling Car Parts Is the Future

The car is a vehicle that is increasingly developed all over the world. At the moment of long holidays, we often see long queues of cars that make the streets even more congested. This happens because the number of cars is increasing while the roads are not always easy to widen, and are even very easily damaged due to the very high volume of vehicles on the roads.

The large number of cars that have been produced hundreds of years ago until now, of course, leaves a lot of waste, be it waste in the form of cars as a whole or waste from spare parts.

We often see abroad there is a place that is considered a car graveyard where it has been used as a place to collect used cars that can no longer be used. However, it turns out that not a few people or even companies are trying to use used car parts to be recycled and used for many other things.

Recycled Car Components that Can Be Benefited

Components or supports related to cars that can be recycled are oil. What can be produced from used car oil? It turns out that we can still use used car oil to make rail lubricants or lubricants for door hinges or anything that requires lubricant. So don’t rush to throw away your used car oil and make it more useful.

  • Recycled Tires

Then the car parts or spare parts that can be used are used tires. In Indonesia, used car tires can be used as the basic material for making sandals or footwear that are designed and made to be comfortable to use on very sensitive feet.

Not only footwear, but the inner tube is also commonly used as a buoy for swimming in a natural river in a rural area. This may not apply in all countries and Indonesia is a unique and creative country.

Not only that but rubber tires can also be added to a mixture of asphalt materials for road construction. This method is considered to be able to increase the quality of asphalt so that it is not easily damaged. As long as we avoid burning used tires because it will damage the environment and exacerbate global warming.

  • Recycled Car Battery

Another spare part that can be recycled is a car battery. Not only in developing countries, but even in developed countries, it turns out that battery recycling is also carried out. Even if the car battery runs out, it will be returned to the car dealer again for recycling and possible reuse. This method is very good for reducing the waste of auto parts.

  • Recycled Car Window

Car parts or parts that can be recycled are car windows that are broken or are no longer used because of the replacement of window films that are popular these days. Utilization or recycling is to make it as fiberglass or to decorate ceramics, or it can also be made into glasses for drinking.

The use of glass is very diverse and very easy to be reshaped into other shapes with different functions. So, if you have a used car glass, you better try to sell it so you can make money from there. There are many crafts made with glass materials and share how they are made on social media so you can easily follow the steps and just modify them according to the target market and the glass model you want.

  • Recycling Car Parts with Environmental Sense

Recycling car parts are still quite realistic as long as it is processed in an environmentally friendly way. The purpose and method of recycling are also aimed at reducing the accumulation of excessive waste; it can even be changed to provide different and wider benefits.

The used car body framework that is still in shape can also be restored and modified by putting it together using a more modern engine. This kind of thing is also found on YouTube where people do major restorations of used cars or parts so that they can be used again and are more useful.

We can still welcome the idea of utilizing car waste or recycling the spare parts, in the big hope that we can make things more useful and reduce the useless waste that fills our earth. You can imagine when the earth is already too full of waste that is never recycled or destroyed, then where will we live then? Is the idea of going to Mars or the moon a must?

With such noble intentions, it is very important to create tools to facilitate the recycling process. Then we also started to promote the use of recycled auto parts for a more useful and environmentally friendly in our daily life.

If all things are done with careful preparation and consideration, the use of recycling car spare parts may be a future that is quite realistic and good for the sustainability of our children and grandchildren.