The Danger of Online Misinformation

We have entered the digital era as a result of the rapid development of technology. Nowadays people can easily get access to unlimited information even without any significant disturbance. This is supported by the number of new devices that are increasingly sophisticated and an almost unlimited network.

It used to be very difficult to get into sites that were forbidden to a certain age limit, but now with the existence of a VPN, it’s, even more, expanded the possibility of being able to access sites that are prohibited for those of younger ages.

Not only is internet access too easy for people of any age and at any time to enter, but the risk is even greater with the increasing number of social media platforms that are not only used for virtual socialization or mere entertainment but also as a source of up-to-date information.

People Do Not Need a Face-to-Face Interaction Anymore

The open access to unlimited information makes it easy for many people to get information and knowledge, even now you can say that direct and face-to-face interaction or socialization is increasingly rare. Whereas face-to-face interaction. Being present in a real forum is the best way because we can get energy from a meeting.

But with all forms of convenience where the world seems to be in our hands, then we don’t have to bother going to be able to have face-to-face discussions. Especially during the recent pandemic, all meetings and teaching and learning processes are conducted online.

Of course, real interactions don’t happen at all, relying only on a network and video, where we also find many cases when there are online meetings, people put up an avatar and don’t follow the discussion. So, this is a scam even if it’s just a small one.

The Danger of Unlimited Access

Then we also find many videos about scientific studies uploaded to platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and other social media. It is common knowledge that there is a great risk that the video will be cut in a certain part to support an argument or lead public opinion to follow the propaganda of a group.

There have been many videos containing such propaganda being swallowed by audiences of a certain age, namely adolescence, a period when a person is struggling a lot with the search for identity and is very easily influenced by bad and detrimental things.

Receiving information through platforms or social media will not provide time for discussion forums so a presentation of material in a video will never be able to get a different point of view, while the risk of misinterpretation is certainly very possible.

Social Media Can Mislead Your Behavior

Just imagine when someone catches a message from social media without comparison, and then he will be a stubborn person and feel the most self-righteous. Feeling most correct, there will be a tendency to blame other people’s opinions, so the risk of conflict is very large.

Especially if the topic of information being discussed is a topic about religion or belief as well as culture or race. There will be very many people blaming each other because there is a sense of arrogance and also mentality as agents of social justice, even though their opinions do not represent the thoughts and interests of the wider community and are only concerned with personal ego.

So do not be surprised if, in developing countries, misperception of information obtained from online media can be considered a big threat that can endanger the stability of a country.

Misinformation Causing Unstable Situation in a Country

The country will be easily divided if the people are also attacked with information that is inserted by propaganda and the interests of those who want to be in power. So, what is very important is the willingness to do research as well as a background review and assessment of the context of the information received.

We cannot receive raw information without paying attention to the source of the information and also checking directly to ensure the truth of the information that is spread.

Try to always think before judging, do a review and research on information so that you are not trapped in a division caused by the spread of provocative information spread by irresponsible people to spread threats to developing countries.