Top 10 Songs To Test Headphone Quality

In the era of digitalization today people often listen to songs, where one of them you can listen to songs in the mp3juices. Advanced technological developments make songs more in demand by all if they are old or young. Of course not only listen to songs, but you also need to know things about a song.

What is a Song?

Songs are tone or sound in a combination of order, and temporal relationships accompanied by certain musical instruments to produce music that has a beautiful unity and sustainability. The following are various genres of a song, namely :

Song Genre

You can also listen to various song genres in

The following are various song genres, namely:

  1. Classical

Maybe you are not familiar with this kind of music genre. Classical music is generally liked by parents. As the name implies, this classical music is released in the 90s, which makes it rarely liked by young people. Classical music itself has a high artistic value. The distinctive feature of this music is the arrangement of beautiful tones and sounds.

  1. Jazz

Jazz music first appeared by combining several musical instruments to produce new sounds. This music is a combination of blues music, ragtime, and Europe. Calm and classy music makes many parents like this music genre, but often some young people like this music.

  1. Rock

Rock music began popular in 1940. Rock music is usually characterized by the sound of an electric guitar as an instrument in this music genre. Not to mention the addition of bass, drums, and other instruments add to the charm of this music.

  1. Pop 

Surely you are no stranger to this type of music. Pop music is very popular among teenagers. The song is simple and the lyrics of the song are easily memorized making many people sing this type of music. The characteristics of their pop music are simple lyrics and tones. Pop music can be accepted by all people who make it universal.

  1. Reggae

Reggae Music is quite popular among teenagers. For those who like the genre of this song is a pleasure of its own when they heard this song. Reggae music is characterized by a backbeat rhythm and simple progressive chords. Usually, this music is accompanied by guitar, bass, and also drums.

  1. K-pop

The genres of this song are songs from South Korea. Where the language is used in Korean. K-pop said also an abbreviation of popular Korean. Popular K-Pop songs around 2020 by a Korean band group, one of which is BTS. The song that was pleasant to hear and also a beautiful band of charming bands made this song genre loved by teenagers to mothers.

Recommended Songs That Are Delicious Heard to Test the Quality of Headphones

The following are some song recommendations that you can listen to in every genre:

  1. Classical

– Johan Pachelbell ( Canon and Gigue in D )

– Pyoter Ilyich Tchaikovsky ( Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy )

– Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ( Rondo Alla Turca )

– Suite Bergama square ( Claire de Lune )

– Frederick Chopin ( Nocturne )

– Johanes Brahms ( Hungarian Dance )

  1. Jazz

– Nurlela ( Bing Slamet )

– Aku Ingin ( Indra Lesmana )

– Januari ( Glenn Fredly )

– I Remember ( Mocca )

– Pulang ( Andien )

– Terlalu Lama Sendiri ( Kunto Aji )

  1. Rock

– Welcome to the Jungle ( Guns N Rosess )

– Highway to Hell ( AC/DC )

– Bohemian Rhapsody ( Queen )

– Satisfaction ( The Rolling Stones )

– Light My Fire ( The Doors )

– Paranoid ( Black Sabbath )

– Another Brick in the Wall ( Pink Floyd )

– Purple Haze ( The Jimi Hendrix Experience )

  1. Pop

– Happier ( Olivia Rodrigo )

– I Miss You, I’m Sorry ( Gracie Abraham )

– Happier Than Ever ( Kelly Clarkson )

– Kisah Sempurna ( Mahalini )

– Tak Ingin Usai ( Kesya Levronka )

– Traitor ( Olivia Rodrigo )

– Therefore I Am ( Billie Ellish )

– Wake Me Up When September End ( Green day)

  1. Reggae

– The Tide is High ( The Paragon’s )

– Bam-Bam ( Sister Nancy )

– Hold Me Tight ( Johny Nash )

– One Love ( Bob Marley and Wailers )

– I Shoot the Sheriff ( Bob Marley )

– Kembali ( Steven & Coconut treezz )

– Putra Nusantara ( Shaggydog feat Iwa K )

  1. K-Pop

– You Never Nnow ( Black Pink )

– Pink Venom ( Black Pink )

– Thunder ( Stray Kids )

– Black swan ( BTS )

– Idol ( BTS )

– Ko Ko Bop ( EXO )

– Monster ( EXO )

– Hard Carry ( GOT7 )

Thus are some of the recommendations of songs that are delicious to hear to test the quality of your headphones. You can also listen to various kinds of songs on Mp3juices.