Why Computers Need Drivers to be Able to Use Hardware

A computer is built with different hardware components; like a computer with an operating system, every piece of hardware has its language to communicate. These digital translators help your operating system to communicate with the Drivers hardware, which will sync your hardware and computer to work properly.

For example, when you attach a webcam, a scanner, or a printer, you will need drivers for it. Usually, the hardware comes with a cd containing the drivers for the said hardware.

But nowadays, drivers are available online to be downloaded or already built into the hardware’s memory. Aside from the hardware’s drivers, you can also use an applications manager to manage your hardware, like the Epson event manager. This application is available to help you manage and use the main features of your Epson products.

How Do Drivers Work?

Drivers are the programs that will make sure your hardware (i.e., keyboard, motherboard, mouse, printer, graphic card, scanner, etc.) and operating system have the proper communications.

Picture this, you want to play a video online this means you will need to have a chain of hardware to help you achieve that. First, it’s from your browser which will request a connection to the internet and this will need your network card to send the command to your operating system, and then you will also need your graphic card to be able to buffer your video and display it in perfect sync.

The last chain, without a sound you will not enjoy watching the said video, and your operating system needs to send a command to the sound card. Playing and displaying your video along with the sound in sync, and is one example of how drivers work. Another example is when you want to print out a document after you edit your document in any text editor like MS. Word you use.

After that, you will then need to print the document out to a hard copy with a command from the application to a printer attach it to your computer and print it. That chain with the printer driver being synced with the operating system will allow it to give the message for the printer to print the document.

This explained how drivers work because digital translators make it possible for the operating system to communicate with the hardware to operate it, without it the hardware is just that, a piece of thing that doesn’t do anything. It will need the right drivers to drive the hardware, one of the things why it is called drivers.

Where to Find These Drivers?

Most drivers are already automatically installed on your operating system since windows have an extensive list of drivers in its library for drivers in their system. So when you connect hardware or device to your computer, in this case, Windows.  The operating system will automatically detect and will start to search if the drivers for the device are available on the system’s driver’s library or not.

If the drivers for the device are in fact in the drivers’ library, then the system will automatically install the drivers and all you need to do is wait, and after that usually, the system will ask you to reboot your computer to make sure the drivers are installed and enabled properly.

But sometimes, certain hardware or device will not have drivers listed on the system’s drivers’ library, and if that happened, you will need to check on the official websites of the hardware to look and download it by yourself.

Application Manager, and The Explanations

We broached the subject of Epson event manager, and a brief explanation of what it is, which is an application to provide support for a number of EPSON scanners that has many functions not just to help operate the scanner to scan documents, but also can automatically convert them to PDF, scan to email, and other options.

You can set your own preset based on your regular scanning setting and preference; you can even schedule the tasks. This application runs in the background so it will not bother you much when you are doing your work on your computer.

Epson event manager can also help you scan quicker, and as we said before, check the setting base on what you prefer. File type, photo kind, resolutions, initial size, document format, target folder, and other various actions. It’s easy to use, and available on the Epson website.